Over at MTS2 a small fix for some of those pesky AL bugs
was released by J. M. Pescado. This is a must for anyone
with the expansion... download it here. Please note the
download is actually in the post rather than its normal location.

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BOBOSIMS: Cute Everyday/Formal Dress

Really cute dress from our current featured site.
BOBOSIMS: Download Here
Scroll down and it's the fourth dress, you can't miss it. :)
>>Need Mesh Located With Download<<

MTS2: Headphones

[NEW MESH]Headphones by ALEX.s
Mod The Sims 2: Download Here

MTS2: Teen-Adult Christmasmania! Sparkling eyeshadow

Sparkling eyeshadow by @ntoni@
Mod The Sims 2: Download Here


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